0% Interest - Jason Mraz chords

Singer/Band: Jason Mraz

Tabbed by: Diêgo Palmeira
Intro: F, C, Dm, Bb
[F]Our friends on the [C]front porch,
well they're telling jokes and they
[Dm]swing swiftly towards [Bb]happier times
E[F]xpending lines and f[C]inding more energy for the e[Dm]ffort
and getting [Bb]distance from that front porch spotlight
B[F]ut us we fo[C]und peace in shadow[Dm]s
long enough to [Bb]see the monsters rise
C[F]andy's got some spac[C]e to fill in her d[Dm]aydream
living high on [Bb]yesterday's lies
[F]Talking to me about some [C]0% [Dm]interest and
how she got a [Bb]better deal than the next guy
[Dm]And the [Dm7]way the lightning shocked [Dm]us
when we were [G]lost and we were looking
D[Dm]own that l[Dm7]ong Missouri highway[Dm] your hair was longer
then and [G]now I can remember
Say [Bb]now I remember oh so well
[F]Oh the roads [C]unencumbered by cats
they're burning [Dm]like wet matches
through my miracle [Bb]mile mind
[F]You left your [C]thumbprint inside me now
for months it seems but [Dm]mine
only brushes your soft [Bb]surface
And somehow
[F]Somehow it [C]leaves me listless
[Dm]my tongue curls [Bb]under my lips oh oh yes
[F]So I can't [C]speak to tell you of the [Dm]months before I met[Bb] you
[Dm]And the [Dm7]way, oh the truth it [Dm]locked us
Oh [Dm7]right about the time after the [Dm]lightning shocked us
When we were [Dm7]young, when we [Dm]were young and missing
[Dm7]Round that small New England byway [Dm]our
lives they were sheltered then and now [G]I can remember
[Bb]Say now well I remember oh so well, almost too well
Verse: F, C, Dm, Bb
Well its not even being about that anymore I gotta get you down
Those tiny fragments of perfection they please me in a time
Unchanged when its not the same beginning or along awaited end...
If I knew all the words I would write myself out of here
If I was all the colors I would paint you pretty
in gold in a picture, so I'm told little sister
So now I'm sold little sister
Why don't you tell me about the sunsets in Sweden and the laws of Eden
And how you were the rock of Gibraltar, and how they called you foxy
Well that's another whole box of
pandora's, that's another whole box of them ties
Slide your foot off the gas before we crash right back into the median
Right back into the median, the median lo-oh
It separates, our house from the middle of the street...
It separates our house from the middle of the street
Talking about our house
Is on the front porch telling jokes and
they swing swiftly towards happier times
Expending lines and finding more energy for the
effort and getting distance from that front porch
But us we found peace in shadows long enough to see a monster die.
We all need to find a little space in our
daydreams long enough and just so long.
Long enough, just as long, just so long as its long enough is it long enough?
Is it long enough for me? Long enough for me to chew on.
If it isn't... if it isn't .. if it ain't if it don't if it can't then it
And that's just the way that it goes.
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