10 - Death Breast - Bon Iver chords

Key: Em Singer/Band: Bon Iver

Tone: [Em] Capo: 4
Fever [D]rest
Fever [Am]rest
I cut you [Em]in
Fever [Am]rest
I've been sleeping in a [Em]stable, mate
Not gonna do you no [D]favors
What I got is seen you [Am]trying
Or take it down the old lanes [Em]around
Darling don't make [Am]love, fight it
[Am]Love, don't fight it
[Am]Love, don't fight it
Well I'll wrap [Em]you up
And I take it by the [D]touch
Darling don't a [Am]failure fright
Times the [Em]raker
And I'll rack [D]it up
I'm unorphaned in our [Am]northern lights
Dedicoding every [Em]daemon
Taken in the [D]tall
grass of the mountain cable
And I [Am]cannot seem to find I'm able
[C] [Em]
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