All Along The Watchtower - Bob Dylan chords

Singer/Band: Bob Dylan

Capo 4
[Am]"There must [G]be some [F]way out of [G]here,[Am]" said the[G] joker to
the[F] thie[G]f,
[Am]"There's too[G] much c[F]onfusi[G]on,[Am] I can'[G]t get n[F]o relie[G]f.
[Am]Busines[G]smen, they[F] drink my wi[G]ne,[Am] plowme[G]n dig m[F]y
[Am]None [G]of them [F]along the [G]lin[Am]e know what[G] any of it is[F]
[Am] [G] [F] [G] [Am] [G] [F] [G] [Am] [G] [F] [G] [Am] [G] [F] [G] [Am]
[Am]"No reason t[G]o get e[F]xcited[G]," [Am]the thi[G]ef, he [F]kindly
[Am]"There [G]are man[F]y here am[G]ong[Am] us who fee[G]l that life i[F]s but
[G]a joke.
[Am]But you[G] and I,[F] we've be[G]en [Am]through tha[G]t, and this i[F]s not
[G]our fate,
[Am]So let us [G]not talk [F]falsel[G]y n[Am]ow, the[G] hour i[F]s getti[G]ng
[Am]All along th[G]e watch[F]tower,[G] pr[Am]inces k[G]ept the[F] view [G]
[Am]While [G]all the [F]women cam[G]e a[Am]nd went, ba[G]refoot servan[F]ts,
[Am]Outside in t[G]he dist[F]ance a[G] wi[Am]ldcat d[G]id grow[F]l, [G]
[Am]Two riders w[G]ere app[F]roachi[G]ng,[Am] the wi[G]nd bega[F]n to ho[G]wl.
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