Ashes - Celine Dion chords

Singer/Band: Celine Dion

Tone Céline Dion la Cm. Capo 3 choi Am [Am] [G] [F] [C]-[Em] [Am] [G] [F]
[Am/C]What's left to [G/B]say?
These prayers ain't [F/A]working any[C]more [G/B]
[Am]Every [G]word shot down in [F]flames
[Am/C]What's left to [G/B]do with these broken [F/A]pieces on the [C/E]floor?
[Am]I'm losing my [G]voice calling [F]on you
[F]'Cause I've been shaking
[Am]I've been bending [C]backwards till I'm [F]broke
[Dm]Watching all these [Am]dreams go up in [G]smoke
Let [C]beauty come [F]out of [C]ashes [Am] [G]
Let [C]beauty come [F]out of [C]ashes [Am] [G]
And when I [C]pray to [F]God all I [C]ask is [Am] [G]
Can [C]beauty come [F]out of [C]ashes? [Am] [G]
Can [Am/C]you use these [G/B]tears to put out the [F/A]fires in my [C]soul?
'Cause [Am]I need you [G]here, woah [F]
Can beauty come out of ashes?
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