Bare Neccessities - Phil Harris chords

Singer/Band: Phil Harris

Look for [C]the bare [C7]necessities, the [F]simple bare ne[F7]cessities
[C]Forget about your [A7]worry and your [D7]strife [G7]
I mean the[C] bare necess[C7]ities old[F] Mother Nature's[F7] recipes
That [C]bring the [A7]bare [D7]ne[G7]cessities of life [C]
Wherever I [G7]wander, wherever I [C]roam, I couldn't be [G7]fonder of my big
[C]home [C7]
The bees are [F]buzzin' in the [Fm]tree to make some [C]honey just for [D7]me
When [Am7]you look under the [A7]rocks and plants and [Dm7]take a glance at
the [D7]fancy [G7]ants,
and [C]maybe try a [A7]few
The bare [Dm7]necessities of [G7]life will come to [C][Am]you, [Dm]they'll
c[G7]ome to y[C]ou [F] [C]
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