Be With U - Thái Tuyết Trâm chords

Key: G Singer/Band: Thái Tuyết Trâm

Tone gốc F#
[G]Rains falls [D]on my shoulders [Em]
You bring the [Bm]sun that makes my [C]life shine [D]brighter everyday [G]
If the [C]rain wanna [D]fall forever [Bm]in my eyes [C]
I know [Am]you will be [C]there to wipe [D]my tears.
Ver 1:
[G]Wind blows [D]away my sadness [Em]
I see you're [Bm]standing right in
[C]front of me and [D]paint my [G]happiness
If [C]there is gonna [D]be another [Bm]wound in my heart [C]
I know [Am]you will be [C]the one to stay [D]beside me.
I wanna [G]stay with you like this [D]
In this [Bm]moment just this [Em]is
To be with [C]you from now [D]until the day I [G]die
If [C]tomorrow is [D]goodbye
So I will [Bm]try to stop the [Em]time
To love [C]you and [D]forever be with [G]you.
Ver 2:
[G]Day by [D]day gone so fast [Em]
Seems like the [Bm]day we've had is [C]over
Now it's [D]time to say goodbye [G]
I'll [C]leave all my [D]love forever [Bm]in your heart [C]
Because I [Am]know someday , [C]love will bring us [D]back again.
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