Butterfly (English version) - Jason Ray chords

Singer/Band: Jason Ray

Capo 1 tone [C]
[F]Please don’t think of anyone but me…
[C]Please just don't say a thing.
A- [Em7]yoo...Just keep smiling at me, [Am]yeah
I [F]still can’t believe it with my own eyes.
I [C]think maybe this is all a lie
A- [Em7]yoo...please don’t you [Am]disappear.
Is it [F]true? Is it [C]true?
[Em7]You, you
I’m [Am]scared because you’re beautiful
Un- [F]true, un- [C]true
[Em7]You, you, you
Can you please [F]stay here?
Can you promise me [C]one thing?
If I touch you, [Em7]will you fly. up to the sky?
I’m [Am]scared, I’m scared, so scared.
Can you please [F]stop time?
How about [C]rewind?
Would you for- [Em7]get everything, that we had?
I’m [Am]scared, I’m scared, so scared.
[F]Butterfly, like a [G#]butterfly
Like a [Bb]butterfly, you’re beautiful in the [C]sky.
[F]Butterfly, like a [G#]buttetfly
Like a [Bb]butterfly, you’re not meant to be [C]mine.
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