Come As You Are - Kurt Cobain chords

Singer/Band: Kurt Cobain

Tông: [D] Intro e|-------------------------------| B|-------------------------------| G|-------------------------------| D|-------------------------------| A|---------0---0---------2-----2-| E|-0-0-1-2---2---2-2-1-0---0-0---|
Verse 1
[Em]Come as you [D]are, As you [Em]were, As I
[D]want you [Em]to be
As a [D]friend, As a [Em]friend, [D]As an old [Em]enemy
Take your [D]time, Hurry [Em]up. The choice is [D]yours - don't be [Em]late
Take a [D]rest, as a [Em]friend, as [D]an old [Em]memoria [G]
[Em]Memori [G]a [Em]Memori [G]a [Em]Memori [G]a
Verse 2
[Em]Come dowsed in [D]mud, Soaked in [Em]bleach, As I [D]want you to [Em]be
As a [D]trend, As a [Em]friend, As an [D]old memo [Em]ria [G]
[Em]Memoria [G] [Em]Memoria [G] [Em]Memoria [G]
[A]And I [C]swear that [A]I don't have [C]a gun
No I d [A]on't have a [C]gun - No I [A]don't have [C]a gun
[Em]Memori [G]a [Em]Memori [G]a [Em]Memori [G]a
[A]And I [C]swear that [A]I don't have [C]a gun
No I [A]d have a [C]gun - No I [A]don't have [C]a gun
No I [A]don't have a [C]gun - No I d[A]on't have [C]a gun
e|-------------------------------| B|-------------------------------|
G|-------------------------------| D|-------------------------------|x2
A|---------0---0---------2-----2-| E|-0-0-1-2---2---2-2-1-0---0-0---|
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