Cuckoo - Adam Lambert chords

Key: Dm Singer/Band: Adam Lambert

Verse 1
[Dm]It feels like [F]I'm having [A#]a meltdown
It [Gm]feels like [C]I'm losing [Dm]control
They tell me I'm a [F]danger to [A#]myself
Now the [Gm]crazy train [C]is ready [Dm]to roll
[Dm]Walk [F]that walk like [A#]you don't give a fuck
You've got [Gm]the right to turn [C]it up 'r bring [Dm]it down
[Dm][F]Electric shock, no, [A#]I can't get enough
'cause [Gm]tonight we're [C]takin' over [Dm]the town - yeah
I wanna [A#]lose [F][C]my mind like [Dm]a maniac
And [A#]cross [F][C]the line, [Dm]never lookin' back
We're [A#]on [F][C]the loose, [Dm]gettin' crazy
B* F#
*(once, then use your left hand to make a break)
And we've gone - cuckoo
Gonna [Gm]party 'til [C]they take [Dm]us away
Verse 2
[Dm]I'm [F]swinging off of [A#]my hinges
I'm [Gm]cocked and [C]I'm ready [Dm]to go
[Dm]Go on [F]and pack up [A#]your thinges - yeah
'cause the [Gm]crazy train [C]is ready [Dm]to roll - woah yeah
I'm [A#]gonna get [F]out of [Gm]this straight
jacket [Dm]- woah-oh-oah - cuckoo
I'm [A#]gonna get [F]out of [Gm]this
strai-aight jacket [Dm]- [C]woah-oh-oah - yeah-eah
Last chorus
I wanna [A#]lose [F][C]my mind like [Dm]a maniac
[A#]I - I wanna cr[C]oss the[Dm] line, neve[A#]r looking back
We're - we're [Gm]on [F][C]the lose, [Dm]gettin' crazy
And we've [A#*]gone - [F]cuckoo
Gonna [Gm]party 'til they[C] take u[Dm]s a[(once,]way [then] [break----]
We've [A#*]gone - [F]cuckoo
[Gm]Gonna party 'til [C]they take [Dm]us away
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