Do You Want To Know A Secret - The Beatles chords

Singer/Band: The Beatles
Capo 2 choi D
[Dm]You'll never know how [Gm]much I really [Dm]love you
[F]You'll never know how much I [Eb]really [A7]care
1. [D]Listen [F#m] [Faug] [Em]
Do you [A7]want to know a [D]secret [F#m] [Faug] [Em]
Do you [A7]promise not to [D]tell,
[F#m]whoa [Faug]oh, [Em]oh
[Gm]Closer[F#m] [Faug] [Em]
Let me [A7]whisper in your [D]ear [F#m] [Faug] [Em]
Say the [A7]words you long to [G]hear [A]
I'm in love with [Bm]you oh
[G]I' ve known [Em]th e secret [Bm]for a [Am]week or t wo
[G]No body [Em]knows, [Bm]just we [Am]two- [Em]o [D]