Don't Think I Don't Think About It - Darius Rucker chords

Key: D Singer/Band: Darius Rucker

Capo 2
Verse 1
[D]I left out [G/B]in a [Cadd9]cloud, [G]of taillights and dust
[D]Swore I wasn't [G/B][Cadd9]coming back, [G]said I'd had enough
[D]Saw you in the [G/B]rearview [Cadd9]standin', [G]fading from my life
But I [A]wasn't turnin' [Cadd9]'round, No not this time
Don't think I don't [G]think about it, Don't think I don't [Em]have regrets
Don't think it don't [D/F#]get to me, Between the [Cadd9]work and the hurt and
the [D/F#]whiskey
Don't think I don't [G]wonder 'bout, coulda been shoulda been [Em]all worked
I know what I [Am]felt, I know what I [G/B]said, [Cadd9]
but don't think I don't [G]think about it
Verse 2
[D]When we make [G/B][Cadd9]choices, [G]We gotta live with them
[D]Heard you found a [G/B]real [Cadd9]good man, [G]and you married him
[D]I wonder if [G/B][Cadd9]sometimes, [G]I cross your mind
Where [A]would we be today, [Cadd9]If I never drove that car away
But don't think I don't [A]think about it [C]
Don't think I dont [A]think about it [C]
But don't think I dont [D]think [G/B]about [Cadd9]it [G]
Don't think I don't, [D]don't think I [G/B]don't [Cadd9] [G]
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