Duet - Rachael Yamagata Ray Lamontagne chords

Singer/Band: Rachael Yamagata , Ray Lamontagne

-O[A]h love[E]r, hol[F#m]d on [C#m]
-Till I [D]come[E] back a[A]gain[E]
-For these [A]arms[E] are growing [F#m]tired [C#m]
-And my [D]tales[E] are wearing [A]thin[E]
-If you're [A]patient,[E] I will surpr[F#m]ise [C#m]
-When you [D]wake up,[E] I'll have c[A]ome [E]
-All the [A]anger,[E] will settle [F#m]down [C#m]
-And we'll go [D]do all the [E]things we should have [A]done [E]
/Yes, I [D]remember what we [E]said
/As we [A]lay down to [F#m]bed
/I'll be [A]here if you will [E]only come back [A]home
-Oh [A]lover,[E] I'm [F#m]lost [C#m]
-Because the [D]road I've chosen [E]beckons me a[A]way [E]
-Oh [A]lover,[E] don't you [F#m]roam [C#m]
-Now I'm [D]fighting words I [E]never thought I'd [A]say [E]
/But I [D]remember what we [E]said
/As we [A]lay down to [F#m]bed
/I'll for[A]give you oh, if [E]you just come back [A]home
[D]A A[E] } x[A]2 [F#m] [D] [E]
/Hmmmmm, Hmmmmmmmm, Hmmmmmmm, Hmmm }
-Oh [A]lover,[E] I'm [F#m]old [C#m]
-You'll be [D]out there and be [E]thinking just of [A]me [E]
-And I will [A]find[E] you down the [F#m]road [C#m]
-And we'll re[D]turn back home to [E]where we're meant to [A]be [E]
/Cause I [D]remember what we [E]said
/As we [A]lay down to [F#m]bed
/We'll be [A]back soon as [E]we make histo[A]ry.
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