Everything Back But You - Avril Lavigne chords

Singer/Band: Avril Lavigne

Tone: [E]
Verse 1:
[E]Today was the worst day
I [F#m]went through hell
I [A]wish I could remove it from my [B]mind
[E]Two months away from you
But [F#m]I couldn't tell
I [A]thought that everything was gonna be just [B]fine
The [C#m]post card that you wrote
with the [A]stupid little note
[E]Something wasn't quite right [B]about it
It [C#m]smelled like chick perfume
And it [A]didn't smell like you
There is [E]no way you can get [B]around it
Because you wrote
I [E]wish you were here
You [F#m]left out the 'e'
You [A]left without me and
now you're somewhere out there
with the [E]bitch! slut! psycho! babe!
I [F#m]hate you why are guys so lame?
[A]Everything I gave you I want everything back but you
(Repeat Intro once)
Verse 2:
My [E]friends tried to tell me [F#m]all along
that [A]you weren't the right one for [B]me
My [E]friends tried to tell me [F#m]to be strong
I [A]bet you didn't think that I would [B]see
Refrain 2:
The [C#m]post card that you wrote
with the [A]stupid little note
but [E]something wasn't quite right [B]about it
I [C#m]want to see you cry
like I [A]did a thousand times
[E]Now you're losing me you're losing [B]me now
[A]Because you wrote
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