Fish Out Of Water (Phineas And Ferb OST) - Beverley Staunton chords

Singer/Band: Beverley Staunton

Capo 1
When I'm [G]soaking in my [D]bath
I [C]dump you in the tub
There's no [Bm]need to say a[Em]nother word,
You [Am]had me at "[D]Glub"
Your [Em]bowl became my [Em/D#]world,
So my [Em/C#]world is empty [Em/C]now [Em/B]
All my [Am]love's caught in your [Em]filter
It needs to [C]get to you some[D]how
They [Em]say that there's [Em/D#]plenty of [Em/C#]fish in the sea
but [C]you're the only [D]one for [Em]me,
Without [Em/D#]you, I'm a [Em/D]fish out of [Em/C#]water,
I'm [Am]hooked, please throw a [D]line to [G]me...
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