Fly Away - John Denver chords

Singer/Band: John Denver

[G]All of her days have gone [Gsus4]soft and cloudy
[G]All of her dreams have gone [D7sus4]dry
[G]All of her nights have gone [Gsus4]sad and shady
[G]She's getting ready to fly [D7sus4]
[Am]Fly [D7]Away , [Am]fly awa[D7]y, f[G]ly aw[Gsus4]ay [G] [D7sus4]
[G]Life in the city can make [Gsus4]you crazy
[G]For sounds of the sand and [D7sus4]the sea
[G] [Gsus4]I love the sea
Life in a high rise can make you hungry
[G]For things that you cant [D7sus4]even see
[Am]Fly [D7]Away , [Am]fly [D7]away], [G]fly a[Gsus4]way [G] [D7sus4]
[Am]In this whole world [Bm]there's nobody as lonely [CaddD]as she
nobody as lonely me
[Am]There's nowhere to go and [D7]there's nowhere
[G][Gsus4]That she'd [G][D7sus4]rather be
I’d rather be
[G]She's looking for lovers and [Gsus4]children playing
[G]She's looking for signs of [D7sus4]the spring
G Gsus4 Where is the spring
She listens for laughter and sounds of dancing
[G]She listens for any old [D7sus4]things
[Am]Fly [D7]Away , [Am]fly awa[D7]y, f[Am]ly away[D7], fly away[G] [Gsus4] [G]
[Gsus4]Where are my [G]days [Gsus4]Where are my [G]nights
[Gsus4]Where is the [G]spring [Gsus4]I want to fly [G]
[Gsus4]I want to fly [G] fade out
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