Forever Star - Hidden Love (English) - Trương Y Hào chords

Key: C Singer/Band: Trương Y Hào

[C]When I passed by moonlight stars in [Em]your eyes
They were [Am]shining like none of them could be mine[F]
[C]When you smile my dusty heart beats [Em]and I
Think of [Am]all those
childhood whishes on stars I’d [F]write
Now you’ve [G]melted, [Am]time’s frost
Like [F]how we hear it told in fairy [G]tales
Wherever you [C]go
Tripping on my [Em]soul
Every wound and every [Am]hurt
Goes hazy in your [F]glow
Wherever you [C]go
I’ll surround you [Em]still
Warm your nights of [Am]loneliness with
Fireworks in [F]bloom
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