Goodbye - Four Get Me A Nots chords

Key: G Singer/Band: Four Get Me A Nots

Tone [G] Intro [Em] [Bm] [Am] [D] x2
[Em]You refuse to [Bm]answer my phone
[Am]You don't receive [D]my letters[B]
[Em]I know you're somewhere [Bm]far away
[A]But I heard your [D]voice through [C]the sky
[Bm]I don't [Em]know what you're [D]doing[C] or what you [G]think [Am]
[Bm]But I [Em]know that [D]I will see
[C]you, I'll see you once again
[G]Said "good-[Bm]bye"
The last [Em]word I said to [G]you
You left [C]me went away
[Bm]And you [A#m]don't know [Am]what those words yet [D]mean
[G]"See you [Bm]soon"
If I [Em]do see you [D]again[G]
I'll be [C]with you till death
[Bm]I'll always [A#m]protect [Am]you[A]
Has this [Bm]feeling found you[D#]
[E] [A] [D] [B]
[Em] [A] [D] [B]
[Em] [Am] [D] [B]
[Em] [Am] [D] [G]
A soul that is once
connected, it will never break or draw away
Till the day again I see you,
I'll wait here right for you
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