Help Me Make It Through The Night - Anne Murray chords

Singer/Band: Anne Murray

Take the ribbon from your [G]hair shake it loose and let it [C]fall
Layin' soft upon my [D]skin [D7]like the shadows on the [G]wall [D7]
Come and lay down by my [G]side [G7]till the early mornin' [C]light
All I'm takin' is your [D]time [D7]help me make it through the [G]night
I don't care who's right or [C]wrong I don't try to unders[G]tand
Let the devil take tomor[A7]row Lord tonight I need a [D7]friend
Yesterday is dead and [G]gone and tomorrow's out of [C]sight
And it's sad to be a[D]lone [D7]help me make it through the [G]night.
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