Homage - Mild High Club chords

Key: F Singer/Band: Mild High Club

tone [F] Intro [Gm7] [C9] [Fmaj7] [Bbmaj9] [Em7b5] [A7b9] [Dm] [D7]
[Gm7]Someone wrote this [C9]song before
[Fmaj7]And I could [Bbmaj9]tell you where it's from
[Em7b5]The 4 7 3 6 [A7b9]2 5 1 to put [Dm]my mind [D7]at ease
[Bb]Please just have a laugh with me
[Bdim7]'Cause you know I'm borrowing [F]by now
These [F+]sounds, have [Bb]already [G7]crowned
[Bb]Come on it's a silly dream
[Bdim7]Dreaming of the imagery [F]unfound
The [F+]view sits [Bb]nice from that [Bbm]cloud
[Bbm9]And if you [Ab7add11]want a [Gbmaj7]piece of my [A7]thoughts
There's a [Dbmaj7]coin worth [Db7]flipping
[Db9]Why don't you [Gb6/9]toss? [F7#9] [Bb9] [Bb7b9]
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