Hook - Blues Traveller chords

Singer/Band: Blues Traveller

Intro x2 [A] [E] [F#m] [C#] [D] [A] [D] [E]
Verse 1:
[A]It doesn't [E]matter what I [F#m]say[C#]
[D]So long as [A]I sing with in[D]flec[E]tion
[A]That makes you [E]feel that I'll [F#m]convey [C#]
[D]Some inner [A]truth of vast re[D]flec[E]tion
[A]But I've said [E]nothing so [F#m]far[C#]
[D]And I can keep [A]it up as [D]long as it [E]takes
[A]And it don't [E]matter who you [F#m]are[C#]
[D]If I'm d[A]oing my job then [D]it's your resolve that [E]breaks
Because the [A]hook [E]brings you [F#m]back[C#]
[D]I ain't [A]tellin' you no [D]lie[E]
The [A]hook [E]brings you [F#m]back[C#]
[D]On [A]that you can re[D]ly[E]
Verse 2
[A]There is [E]something a[F#m]miss[C#]
[D]I am b[A]eing in[D]sincere[E]
[A]In fact I d[E]on't mean a[F#m]ny of this[C#]
[D]Still my conf[A]ession draws you n[D]ear[E]
[A]To confuse the [E]issue I [F#m]refer[C#]
[D]To familiar he[A]roes from [D]long ago[E]
[A]No matter how [E]much Peter loved h[F#m]er[C#]
[D]What made the P[A]an refuse to [D]grow[E]
Was that the [A]hook b[E]rings you b[F#m]ack[C#]
[D]I ain't [A]tellin' you no [D]lie[E]
The [A]hook [E]brings you [F#m]back[C#]
[D]On [A]that you can re[D]ly[E]
Popper's Harmonica Solo
Verse 3
[A]Suck it in suck it in suck it in
if you're [E]Rin Tin Tin or Anne Boleyn
[F#m]Make a desperate move or else yo[C#]u'll win and then begin to
[D]See what you're doing to me this [A]MTV is not for free
It's [D]so PC it's killing me so [E]desperately I'll sing to thee of
[A]Love, sure but a[E]lso rage and hate and pain and
[F#m]fear of self, And [C#]I can't keep these feelings on the
[D]shelf, I've tried well [A]no in fact I've lied
Could [D]be financial suicide but I'[E]ve got too much pride inside
To [A]hide or slide I'll d[E]o as I decide and let it
[F#m]ride until I've died and only th[C#]en shall I abide this tide
Of [D]catchy little tunes, of [A]hip three minute ditties
I wanna [D]bust all your balloons I wanna [E]burn all of youre cities
To the [A]ground I've found I w[E]ill not mess around
Unless I [F#m]play then hey I [C#]will go on all day hear what I
[D]say I have a prayer to pray that's [A]really all this was
And when I'm [D]feeling stuck and need a
buck I [E]don't rely on luck because the
[A]Hook [E]brings you [F#m]back[C#]
[D]I ain't [A]tellin' you no [D]lie[E]
The [A]hook[E] [F#m] [C#]
[D]On [A]that you can r[D]ely[E]
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