How could an angel break my heart - Toni Braxton chords

Key: F Singer/Band: Toni Braxton

tone [F] [Fdim7]: xx3434
I heard he sang a [F]lullaby
I heard he sang his from his [Gm]heart
When I found out thought I would [C]die
Because that lullaby was [F]mine
I heard he sealed it with a [F]kiss
He gently kissed her cherry [Gm]lips
I found that so hard to [C]believe
Because his kiss belonged to [F]me
How could an angel break my [Dm]heart
[Fdim7]Why didn't he catch my falling [Dm7]star
I wish I didn?t wish so [C]hard
Maybe I wished our love [Dm7]apart
[Gm7]How couldan angel break my [F]heart
I heard her face was white as [F]rain
Soft as a rose that blooms in [Gm]May
He keeps her picture in a [C]frame
And when he sleeps he calls her [F]name
I wonder if she makes him [F]smile
The way he used to smile at [Gm]me
I hope she doesn?t make him [C]laugh
Because his laugh belongs to [Gm7]me
[F]Oh my [C7]soul is [Am7]dying, it?s[B] crying
I[Gm7] trying to [F]underst[Dm7]and
[Gm]Please help me [Dm7]
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