How I love you - Engelbert Humperdinck chords

Singer/Band: Engelbert Humperdinck

You [Dm] hold me in your [Gm] eyes in your own special [C] way
I wonder how you [F] know the things I never [Dm] say
I can't imagine [Gm] life without you by my [A7] side
The power of your [Dm] love is [A7] all I need to- [Dm] night
I know there have been [Gm] times that I have caused you [C] pain
I'd turn them all [F] around if I could start [Dm] again
There is something I must [Gm] say I know it's over [A7] due
The sweetest thing I've [Dm] known or [A7] ever called my [Dm] own
Be- [A7] gins and ends with [Dm] you
[G] How I [Dm] love you [G] how I [Dm] love you
[Dm] The softness of your [Gm] lips the color of your [C] hair
The memory of your [F] touch remains when you're not [Dm] there
The echoes of your [Gm] laughter when I'm feeling [A7] blue
The meaning of my [Dm] life it [A7] all begins with [Dm] you
So come into my [Gm] arms lay down by my [C] side
The moon is always [F] there to keep our love [Dm] alight
I've reached so very [Gm] high for everything that's [A7] mine
And at the top is [Dm] you I [A7] want you for all [Dm] time
And [A7] dream forever [Dm] you
[G] How I [Dm] love you [G] how I [Dm] love you
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