I Believe In You And Me - Whitney Houston chords

Singer/Band: Whitney Houston

Capo on 4th fret
I believe in [G]you and me, I believe that [Dm]we will be,
in love [Em]eternally, well, as [Cm]far as I can see
[G]you will always be the one [Bb] [Em] for me,[Am] o[C]h yes, you will[D].
And I believe in [G]dreams again, I believe that [Dm]love will never end,
and [Em]like the river finds the [Cm]sea, I was
[G]lost, now I'm [Bm]free, [Em] cos' [Am]I believe in y[C]ou and m[G]e.
[D]I will never [G]leave your side, I will never [Dm]hurt your pride,
when all the [Em]chips are down, I will [Cm]always be around,
[G]just to be right where you [Bm]are, [Em]my lov[Am]e, o[C]h, you know I
lov[D]e you.
I will never [G]leave you out, I will always [Dm]let you in,
to [Em]places no one's ever [Cm]been.
Deep [G]inside, can't you [Bm]see, [Em] that [Am]I believe in y[C]ou and
Well, M[Bm]aybe I'm a f[Em]ool to f[Bm]eel the way I d[Em]o,
but [Am]I will play the [C]fool forever, [Am]just to be with you [D]forever.
I believe in [G#]miracles, and love's a [D#m]miracle,
[Fm]baby you're my dream come [C#m]true.
I was l[G#]ost, now I'm fr[Cm]ee,[Fm] [Bbm]I believe in y[C#]ou and m[G#]e.
See, I was l[C#]ost, now I'm fr[Cm]ee,[Fm] 'cause[Bbm] I believe in y[C#]ou
and m[G#]e.
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