I can't make you love me - Adele chords

Key: C Singer/Band: Adele

[C] Turn down the [Em] lights
Turn down the [C] bed.
Turn down these [G] voices
[Em] Inside my [Am] head.
[C] Lay down with [Em] me
Tell me no [C] lies
Just hold me [G] close
[Em] Don't [Am] patronize
Don't [G] patronize [D] me.
Cause I can't [C] make you [G] love me
If you [Am] don't
You can't [C] make your [G] heart feel
[Em] Something it [Em] won't [D]
[Em] Here in the [C] dark
In [D] these final [Em] hours
I [Em] will lay down my [C] heart
[D] And I'll feel the [Em] power
But you [Am] don't
No, you [D] don't
Cause I can't [C] make you [G] love me
If you [Am] don't.
[C] I'll close my [Em] eyes
Then I won't [C] see
The love you don't [G] feel
[Em] When you're holding [D] me.
[C] Morning will [Em] come
And I'll do what's [C] right
Just give me till [G] then
[Em] To give up this [D] fight
[Am] And I will give up this [D] fight.
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