i like you - VitaminA chords

Singer/Band: VitaminA

[Bb]Everything about it [Dm]makes no sense
You're [Gm]not that pretty and your [F]hair is mess
but I like [Bb]you, yeah I [F]like you
When [Bb]never you around I've [Dm]just loose track
and I [Gm]feel like popping a [F]bubble wrap
coz I [Cm]like you, yeah I [F]like you
If [Eb]I like you, would [Bb]you like me
[Cm]Would we [F]end up [Bb]happily
[Eb]Doesn't matter [Bb]what you say
[Cm]I'm gonna like you any [F]way
Yeah, I [Bb]like you
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