I Miss You - Blink 182 chords

Singer/Band: Blink 182

Capo on 4th fret
Capo 1
[G]Hello there, the [D]angel from
my nightmare the [Em]shadow in the background of
the mo[C2]rgue, the unsuspecting vi[G]ctim
of da[D]rkness in the valley, we can l[Em]ive
like Jack and Sally if we [C2]want, where you can always [G]find me
and we'll have [D]Halloween on Christmas
And [Em]in the night we'll wish this
never [C2]ends, we'll wish this never ends.
[G] [D] [Em] [C2] [G] [D] [Em] [C2]
I miss you, I miss you
Where are y[G]ou, and I[D]'m so sorry, I
can[Em]not sleep, I cannot dream toni[C2]ght, I
need somebody and al[G]ways, this s[D]ick
strange darkness comes cre[Em]eping on
So haunting every time
And as I stared I [G]counted
The [D]webs from all the spiders
[Em]Catching things and eating their [C2]insides
Like indecision to [G]call you
And [D]hear your voice of treason
Will [Em]you come home and stop this
pain [C2]tonight, stop this pain tonight
[G]Don't waste your time on [D]me
You're already the [Em]voice [D]inside [C2]my head
[G]Don't waste your time on [D]me
You're already the [Em]voice [D]inside [C2]my head
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