I Will Take You Home - Ed Sheeran chords

Key: C Singer/Band: Ed Sheeran

capo 2
[Intro:] [C]
[C]I stole a [G]car last [Am]night
[G] Don't know [C]where we're [F]gonna go
[C] But go [G]ahead and [Am]drive
[F] I will [G]take you [C]home
[C] Honey it's [G]cold [Am]outside
[G] Your [C]jumpers torn [F]up
[C] But darling [G]hold on [Am]tight
[F] I will [G]keep you [C]warm
We will [F]cry till this [C]fire is [G]drowned
And we will wr[F]ite all our me[C]mories do[G]wn.
We will [F]drive till [C]these tyres [G]wear out,
[Am]But [G]darling [F]I will t[G]ake you [C]home.
[C] [G] [Am] [Am] [F] [G] [C] [C] [x2]
[A] [E] [F#m] [F#m] [D] [E] [A] [A] [x2]
[C]If we could [G]drive all [Am]night
[G]Until [C]the sun is [F]shown up
[C]I see it in [G]your eyes, [Am]yeah
[F]They [G]will take me [C]home
[C]Honey it's [G]so damn [Am]bright
[G][C]Daylight's taking [F]over again
[C]Just follow [G]the signs, [Am]ohh
[F]They [G]will lead us [C]home
And we will [F]cry
'till this [C]fire is drowned [G]
And we will [F]write all our
[C]memories down [G]
And we will [F]drive till
these [C]tires wear [G]out
But d[Am]arling[F] I, I[C] will take you home
And we will [F]drive till
these [C]tires wear [G]out
And we will [F]ride all our [C]memories [G]down
We will cry [F]till this [C]fire is [G]drown
But [Am][G]darling [F]I I will [G]keep you [Am]warm
ohh [Am][G]darling [F]I I will [G]keep you [Am]warm
[Am][G]darling [F]I I will [G]take you [C]home
extra bit in cougar town
[C] Just [G]follow the [Am]signs
[F] They will [G]lead us [C]home
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