Imagine That - Patsy Cline chords

Singer/Band: Patsy Cline

Capo on 2nd fret Key [C]
[C]Imagine me still [C7]loving you
After [F]all you've [D7]put me through
Well- I [G]can't help it I just [G7]do
[C]Imagine [A#dim]that and [Dm]that's not the [G7]half
[C]Imagine this if you [C7]can
I've stood [F]more more [D7]than I should stand
But I'd still [G]take you back [G7]again
[C]Imagine [F]that ain't that a [C]laugh[C7]
[F]Can you be-lieve [C]I'd swallow my pride
Well [G]yes [G7]yes I [C]guess you [C7]can
Cause [F]you know you've always [C]had my foolish heart
[D7]Right in the palm of your [G][G7]hand
So-- [C]for what it's [C7]worth to you
It-it just [F]don't matter what you [D7]might do
Cause I'm still [G]waiting and loving [G7]you
[C]Imagine [F]that ain't that a [C]laugh[G]
[C]So for what it's [C7]worth to you
It just don't [F]matter what you [D7]might do
Cause I'll still be [G]waiting and loving [G7]you
(Note: make laughing sound as
you stroke the F chord in line below)
[C]Imagine that [F]ha-ha---ain't that a [C]laugh
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