Is This Happiness - Lana Del Rey chords

Key: G Singer/Band: Lana Del Rey

[G]High up in the [Em]
Hollywood Hills taking violet pills
[G]Writing all of my [Em]songs
about my cheap thrills
[G]You're a hard [Em]man to love and I'm
[G]A hard woman [Em]to keep track of
[C]You like [D]to rage
[C]Don't do [D]that
[C]You want your [D]way
[C]You make me [D]so mad
[C]Got your [D]gun,
[C]I've got [D]my dad
[G]Is this [Em] happiness (x4)
[G]High up in the [Em]Hollywood
Hills crushing violet pills
[G]You've been [Em]trying to write a
novel bout your cheap thrills
[G]You think you're Hunter S. Thomson
[G]I think you're[Em] f**king
crazy as the day is long
[C]Man[D] to man
[C]Heart [D]to heart
[C]I love [D]you but you drive me so far
[C]Wish you well
[C]On[D] that star
[G]Is this [Em]happiness (x4)
[Em]Witch [D]hazel, witch hazel
[Em]Betrayal,[D] betraya
[C]One [D]gun on the table
[C]Headshot [D]if you're able
[G]Is this [Em]happiness (x4)
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