It's just not the same - Unknown chords

Singer/Band: Unknown

Intro: [G] [Bm] [Em] [D]
1. [G] Stepping down from the train
Wonde –[Bm] ring would things be the same
Little [C] did I know, it's a fact of life
You can't [D] play the game again
[G] Funny how the street has changed
So [Bm] familiar yet so strange
The [C] big old trees where I carved our name
Look like [D] more like a driving [G] rain
Chorus: It's not the [G] same anymore, where have you [Em] gone to
It's [Am] just not the same without the [G] love we [D] shared
[G] I looked around, the memo- [Em] ries crush in
I called your [Am] name where are you [D] now
It's just not the [G] same
2. [G] The old school could make some pains
The [Bm] bus still arrived late
The [C] boys and girls walking two by two
Just the [D] way we used to do
[G] I can hear the church bell ring
And [Bm] the choir started to sing
It's [C] time to go with the children in my eyes
There's no [D] reason for me to [G] try
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