Jigsaw Falling Into Place - Radiohead chords

Singer/Band: Radiohead

Intro [Bm] [Bm] [Bm] [Bm] [Bbm] [Bbm] [Dmaj7] [D6] [Gmaj7] [F#] [Gmaj7] [F#]
[Bm]Just as you take my hand
[Bm]Just as you write my number down
[Bm]Just as the drinks arrive
Just as they play your favorite [G]song
As your blather disappears [F#m]
No longer wound up like a [Em]spring
Before you've had too much [A]
Come back and focus again [Bm]
[Bm]The walls abandon shape
[Bm]You've got a cheshire cat grin
[Bm]All blurring into one
[Bm]This place is on a mission [G]
Before the night owl [F#m]
Before the animal [Em]noises
Closed circuit cameras [A]
Before you're comatose [Bm]
[Bm]Before you run away from me
[Bm]Before you're lost between the notes
[Bm]The beat goes round and round
[Bm]The beat goes round and [G]round
I never really got there [F#m]
I just pretended that I [Em]had
Words are blunt instruments [A]
Words are a sawed off shotguns [Bm]
[Bm]Come on and let it out
[Bm]Come on and let it out
[Bm]Come on and let it out
[Bm]Come on and let it [G]out
Before you run away from me [F#m]
Before you're lost between the notes [Em]
Before you take my mic [A]
Just as you dance, dance, [Bm]dance
[Bm]Dance, dance, dance, dance
[Bbm] [Bbm] [Dmaj7] [D6] [Gmaj7] [F#] [Gmaj7] [F#]
[Bm]Jigsaws falling into place
[Bm]There is nothing to explain
You [Bbm]eye each other as you pass
[Dmaj7]She looks back, [D6]you look back
[Gmaj7]Not just [F#]once
[Gmaj7]Not just [F#]twice
[Bm]Wish away the nightmare
[Bm]Wish away the nightmare
You've got a [Bbm]light you can feel it on your back
A [Dmaj7]light and you can feel it [D6]on your back
[Gmaj7]Jigsaws [F#]falling [Gmaj7]into [F#]place
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