Killer - Plain White T's chords

Key: Em Singer/Band: Plain White T's

Tone: [Em] Capo: 3
[Em]If I was a pirate sailing the seas
Would [Am]you come and pillage the village with me?
We'll [B]bury the treasure and go down together
If [Em]I was a pirate
If [Em]I was an outlaw robbin' the bank
Would [Am]you be my Bonnie, help me get away?
Would [B]you pull the trigger and blow 'em away?
If [Em]I was an outlaw
[G]How [B]bad would I [Em]have to be?
[G]How [B]bad?
If [Em]I was a vampire roamin' the night
Would [Am]you be my prey and put your neck on the line?
[B]Live in the shadows and die in the light?
If [Em]I was a vampire
If [Em]I was a wanted man on the run
Would [Am]you take a fall if we were under the gun?
And [B]drop down beside me in the nooses they've hung?
If [Em]I was a wanted man on the run
[G]How [B]bad would I [Em]have to be?
[G]How [B]bad?
If [Am]I was the worst man in the world
Would [Em]you still be my girl?
The [Am]scariest monster you ever seen
Would [B]you still love me?
If [Em]I was killer with blood on my hands
Would [Am]you be my alibi and lie on the stand?
[B]Swear on your life that I'm an innocent man?
If [Em]I was a killer
[G]How [B]bad would I [Em]have to be?
[G]How [B]bad?
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