Maybe - Enrique Iglesias chords

Key: F Singer/Band: Enrique Iglesias

[F]If I had one s [Bb]ingle wish
[C]I'd go back to the [F]moment I kissed
[F]You goodbye, no matt [Bb]er how hard I try
[C]I can't live withou [F]t you in my life
[F]May be You'll say you still [Bb]want me
[C]May be You'll say that yo [F]u don't
[F]May be we said it was o [Bb]ver
[C]But baby I can't let y [F]ou go
[F]I look around trying to u [Bb]nderstand
[C]Where we went wrong and I [F]can't pretend
[F]It wasn't me and It [Bb]wasn't you
[C]But Im convinced w [F]e gave up too soon
Nothing le [Dm]ft to lose after [Gm]to losing you
There's no [C]thing I can [F]ake
When I r [Dm]un to you, when I [Gm]c ome for you
You [C]tell me I'm to [C]o late
[F]No, oo oo oo oooo. [Bb]..
[C]No, oo oo oo oooo [F]...
[F]No, oo oo oo oooo [Bb]...
[C]No, oo oo oo oooo [F]...
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