Memory - Barbra Streisand chords

Key: A Singer/Band: Barbra Streisand

Capo 2
Not a sound from the [F#m]pavement
Has the moon lost her [D]memory
She is smiling [C#m]alone
In [Bm]the lamplight
The withered leaves collect at [F#m]my feet
And the [E]wind
[D]Begins to [A]moan
All alone in the [F#m]moonlight
I can dream of the old [D]days)
Life was beautiful then [C#m]
I [Bm]remember the time I
knew what happiness [F#m]was
Let the [E]memory
[D]live [A]again
[C#m]Every street [Bm]lamp
[C#m]seems to beat [Bm]
a [C#m]fata [A]listic [B] [E]warning [Bb7]
and the [B7]street lamp [E7]gutters
[C#m]And soon [F#7]it will [B]be morning
[C#m]Someone [F#m7]mutters
and the [B7]street lamp [E7]gutters
[C#m]And soon [F#7]it will [B]be morning
I must wait for the [F#m]sunrise
I must think of a new [D]life
And I mustnt give in [C#m]
When the dawn [Bm]comes
Tonight will be a memory [F#m]too
And a [E]new day
[D]will begin [A]
[F] [Dm] [Bb]
[Am]Burnt out [Gm]ends
of [Am]smoky [Gm]days
[Am]The still cold [F]smell [G]of [C]morning [C7]
[Am]A street lamp [Dm7]dies,
[G7]another night is [C7]over
[Am]Another [D7]day is [G]dawning
[C]Touch me,
It' s so easy to [Am]leave me
All alone with the [F]memory
Of my days in the [Em]sun
If you touch [Dm]me,
Youll understand what happiness [Am]is
Look, a new day [G]
[F]has [C]begun
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