My Ideal - Chet Baker chords

Key: Eb Singer/Band: Chet Baker

tone [Eb]
[Eb6]Long ago my [Bb7]heart and mind
[Ebmaj7]Got to[Eb7]gether and [C7]designed
The [Fm7]wonderful [Bb7]girl for [Eb6]me
[Fm7]Oh what a [Bb7]fan[Bb7#5]ta[Eb6]sy
[Eb6]Thought the ideal [Bb7]of my heart
[Cm6]Can't be [D7]ordered [Gm7]a la carte
I [Gm7]wonder if [C7]she will be
[Bbmaj7/F]Always a [Cm7]fan[F7b5]ta[Bb7]sy
[Eb6]Will I ever [C7]find the [Fm7]girl in my mind?
[Db7]The one who [C7]is my i[F7]deal
[Bb7]Maybe she's a [Fm7]dream and [Dm7b5]yet she might [G7]be
[Cm7]Just around the [F7]corner [B7]waiting for [Bb7]me
[Eb6]Will I recog[C7]nize the [Fm7]light in her eyes
That [Db7]no other [C7]eyes re[F7]veal
Or [Fm7]will I pass her [Db7]by and [Eb6]never [D7]even [Gm7]know
That [Cm7]she was [Bb7]my [Bb13/F]i[Eb6]deal
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