Nkosi Sikelel' iAfrika (Quốc Ca Nam Phi) - Various Artists chords

Singer/Band: Various Artists

Capo 2
[G]Nkosi sikelel' [D]Afri[G]ka
[G]Maluphaka[Am]nyisw' up[G]hondo lwa[D]yo
[Em]Yizwa imi[G]thanda[D]zo ye[G]thu
[Am]Nko[G]si sikelela. [Am]Thi[G]na. Lusapho lwayo
[Em]Morena bo[G]loka setjhaba sa he[D]so
[Em]O fedise [C]dintwa la mat[D]shwenyeh
[G]O se boloke (Ntate). [D]O se bolo[G]ke
Set[C]jhaba [G]sa. [D]He[G]so
Set[C]jhaba [G]sa South [D]Afri[G]ka (South [A7]Afrika)
Uit die [D]blou van [Bm]onse [D]hemel
Uit [G]die diepte [A]van ons [Bm]see [G]
Oor ons [D]ewige ge[F#m]bergtes
Waar die [Em]kranse antwoord [A]gee
Sounds to [D]call to come to[A]gether
And u[D]nited we shall [Em]stand
Let us [D]live and strive for [Em]freedom
In South [Em]Afri[A]ca our [D]land
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