Not A Hero - King's Raid Pandemonium chords

Key: Am Singer/Band: King's Raid Pandemonium

Capo 5
[Am]The only [F]thing I [G]promised [C]you [F]the only [Bm7b5]time I
[E7]wished for you
[Am]We did our [F]best, ev [G]ery single [C]day but [F]I think this [E7]is the
[Am]Yester [F]day when [G]you smiled at [C]me [F]Yester [Bm7b5]day drea
[E7]ming a small peace
[Am]I didn't [F]want some [G]big miracle [F]But it's too [E7]late every
[Am]thing's gone
[F]​I'm begging you my lord [Em]A shoulder to cry on
[Dm]I lost my way, just [Bm7b5]give me a single [E7]word
[Am]Where's the shining [F]star for [G]me and [C]you
The [Dm]moon is [C]hiding be [Bm7b5]hind the [E7]clouds
I'm [Am]not the only [F]one, not [G]a he [C]ro
I [Dm]might be wrong, [C]...going [Bm7b5]into the [E7]dark
Please [Dm]watch me, please [Em]save me this [D7]darkness is [E7]me, it's
[Am]not for me
[Dm]Don't leave me now, [F]fighting for me the [E7]end is not the [Am]end
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