Nothing - Bruno Major chords

Key: D Singer/Band: Bruno Major

[D]Track suits and [F#7]red wine
[Bm]Movies for [D7]two
We'll [G]turn off our [D]phones
And we'll [E7]take off our [A7]shoes
[D]We'll play [F#7]Nintendo
And [Bm]I'll always [D7]lose
Cause [G]you'll watch the [D]TV
Whilst [E7]I'm watching [A7]you
Though we [D]might not be [F#7]dancing
By the [Bm]light of the [D7]moon
But there's [Em]nothing
Like doing [Gm]nothing
With [D]you
[D]Dumb [F#7]conversations
We [Bm]lose track of [D7]time
Have [G]I told you [D]lately
I'm [E7]grateful you're [A7]mine
[D]We'll watch the [F#7]Notebook
For the [Bm]seventeenth [D7]time
[G]I'll say "It's [D]stupid"
Then [E7]you'll catch me [A7]crying
Though we're [D]not making [F#7]out
On a [Bm]boat in the [D7]rain
Or in a [G]house I've painted [E7]blue
There's [Em]nothing
Like doing [Gm]nothing
With [D]you
So [Bm]shut all the windows
And [F#7]lock all the doors
We're not [D]looking for no one
We don't [E7]need nothing more
[Bm]You'll bite my lip and
[F#7]I'll want you more
[D]Until we end up
In a [E7]heap in the floor
[F7][C7]Mmm[F#7]mmm [B7] [Em7] [A7]
You could be [D]dancing on [F#7]table tops
[Bm]Wearing [D7]high-heels
[G]Drinking [D]until the world
[E7]Spins like a [A7]wheel
But [D]tonight my [F#7]apartment
Had [Bm]so much [D7]appeal
And there's [Em]nothing
Like doing [Gm]nothing
With [Bm7]you
No, there's [G]nothing
Like doing [A7]nothing
With [D]you
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