Ocean Wide, Canyon Deep - Jacob Collier MARO chords

Key: D Singer/Band: Jacob Collier , MARO

tone [D] [Gadd9] [A] [Bm7] [Dmaj7sus2] [Gmaj9] [A] [Bm7] [Asus4] [Gmaj9] [E7sus4] [A] [Bm7] [Dmaj9] [A6/G] [Gadd9] [A] [Bm7]
She's [Gmaj9]ocean wide[Asus4], canyon [Bm11]deep
From [Dmaj7/G]open eyes[A] to twilight [Bm7]sleep [Dmaj7]
She's in the [Gmaj9]sky, bene[A]ath my [Bm9]feet
I said to [Gmaj9]her, "[A]Don't wait for [Bm11]me [Dmaj7sus2]
I watched you [Gmaj9]grow, [A]you set me [Bm7]free [B7sus4/F#]
Go [Gmaj9]spread your wings, [A]tell me what [Bm11]you see..."
[Gmaj9] [A] [Bm11] [Dmaj9]
[Gmaj9] [A] [Bm11] [Aadd9/E]
[Gmaj9] [A] [Bm11]
And [Gmaj9]what I'll find,[A] you'll [Bm11]never know [Dmaj7sus2]
You'll be [Gmaj9]far ahead,[A] I'll be long a[Bm11]go
But [Gmaj9]I'll be here [A]even when I [Bm11]go,[A] you know [Gmaj9]
[Db7sus4]Unspo[Eb7sus4]ken words[Bb] I long to [Cm9]say
We'll [Ebsus2/Ab]save them all[Bb] for another [Cm11]day
[Abmaj9]I wish you light [Bbmaj9]along the [Cm9]way[Ebmaj7], [Abmaj11]your way
But if you only take my [Amaj7]hand
You'll [Aadd9/C#]always come where [Cmaj9]I go, and you'll [Bm7]go
[Gadd9]I know I'll find [D7sus2]you there
[Gmaj7]Paint a picture of the [A]world you see
(What do you see? What do you see?)
[Gmaj9]Together you and I will [Aadd9]always [Em9]be
(Always be[Dsus4], always be)
We'll [Gmaj9]hold each other as we [A]go around
([Bm7/A]What do you see? What do you see?)
Which[C6add9]ever universe it is we found...
[Gmaj9] [A] [Bm9] [Dmaj7sus2]
[Gmaj9] [A] [Bm9] [D]
The [Gmaj9]day is cold[A], the fire [Bm9]so warm [Dmaj7sus2]
[Gmaj9]Gonna take some more[A] to erase[Bsus2] the storm [D7]
I [Gmaj9]think of you from [Aadd9]dusk 'til [D]dawn...
[Gmaj9] [A] [Bmaj9]
'Til dawn[D]
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