One Bread, One Body - Nhạc Thánh Ca chords

Singer/Band: Nhạc Thánh Ca

One [G]bread[C], one [G]body[C] [G], one [D]Lord of [Em]all [B7] [Em]
One [D]cup of [G]blessing [Em]which we [A]bless[D] [D7]
And [G]we [C] though [G]many[C] [G], [D]throughout the [Em]earth[B7] [Em]
We [D]are one [G]body [Em]in this [A]one[D] [G]Lord.[C] [G] [C] [Em]
[Em]Gentile or [D]Jew, [Em]servant or [D]free
[Em]Woman or [F]man[Am] no [D]more[D7].
[Em]Many the [D]gifts, [Em]many the [D]works
[Em]One in the [F]Lord[Am] of [D]all[D7].
[Em]Grain for the [D]fields, [Em]scattered and [D]grown
[Em]Gathered to [F]one[Am], for [D]all[D7].
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