Our last summer - ABBA chords

Key: D Singer/Band: ABBA

1. [D] The summer air was soft and [Bm] warm
The feeling [A] right, the paris [G] night
Did it's best to [Em] please us
[A] And strolling [E] down the elysée
[A] We had a drink in each [F#m] café
[A] And [D] you
You talked of [Bm] politics, phi-[D] losophy and [G] I
Smiled like mona [A] lisa
[Em] We had our chance
It was a fine and true [A] romance
Chorus 1: I can still re-[D] call [F#m] our last [G] summer
[A] I still see it [D] all [F#m] [G]
[D] Walks along the seine, [F#m] laughing in the [Bm] rain
[D] Our last [G] summer
[A] Memories that re-[D] main
2. [D] We made our way along the [Bm] river
And we [D] sat down in the [G] grass
By the eiffel [Em] tower
[A] I was so happy we had [E] met
[A] It was the age of no re-[F#m] gret
Oh [D] yes [A]
[Bm] Those crazy years, that was the [G] time
Of the flower-[A] power
[Em] But underneath we had a fear of flying
Of getting old, a fear of slowly dying
We took the chance
Like we were dancing our last [A] dance
Chorus 2: I can still re-[D] call [F#m] our last [G] summer
[A] I still see it [D] all [F#m] [G]
[D] In the toursiit jam, [F#m] now the Notre [Bm] dane
[D] Our last [G] summer
[A] Wolking hand in [D] main
Paris restau-[D] rants[F#m] Our last [G] summer
[A] Morning crois-[D] sants [F#m] [G]
[D] Living for the day, [F#m] worries far a-[Bm] way
[A] Our last [G] summer
[A] We could laugh and [D] play
[D] And now you're [F#m] working in a [D] bank
The family man, the football [G] fan
And your name is [Em] harry
[A] How dull it seems
[E] Yet you're the hero of my [A] dreams
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