popular song - Ariana Grande Mika chords

Singer/Band: Ariana Grande , Mika

Tone gốc: Eb capo 1
[D]Laaaaa [A]laaa, [G]laaaaa [A]laaa
You were [D]the popular one, the [A]popular chick
It is [G]what it is, now Im popular [A]bitch
[D]Standing on with your[A] pretty pompons
Now youre[G] working at the movie [A]selling popular corn
I [D]could have been a mess [A]but I never went wrong
[G]Cause Im putting down my story in a[A] popular song[D]
Said Im [G]putting down my story in a popular song
My [D]problem, I [A]never was a [G]model,
I [A]never was a [D]scholar,
[A]You were always [G]popular, [A]
You were [D]singing, [A]all the songs I [G]dont know
[A]Now youre in the[D] front row
[A]Cause my song is [G]popular [A]
[D]Popular [A]..I know about [G]popular[A]
Its not about [D]who you are or your[A] fancy car
Youre [G]only ever who you [A]were
[D]Popular,[A] I know about[G] popular[A]
And all that you [D]have to do, is be true to you[A]
[G]Thats all you ever need to know[A]
Catch [D]up, cause [A]you got an awful [G]long way to [A]do
Catch [D]up, cause [A]you got an awful [G]long way to [A]go
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