Saddle Of My Heart (Đi Đến Nơi Có Gió 去有风的地方 OST) - Teloupe chords

Key: Am Singer/Band: Teloupe

Capo 1
I've [Am]been alone in[Em]to the unknown could [F]navigate through the [C]dark
I'm [Am]searching for a [Em]meadow of mine till [F]you came in with the
[C]breeze [G]
A feeling [Am]rushes over me spills my [Em]heart into the field I [F]know it I
will be [C]yours [G]
Would you [Am]ask for any horse but this [Em]one inside your heart
I'll [F]give you the saddle [C]of [G] [Am]heart
(You [Am]ask me if the [Em]wind could sing
We [F]close our eyes to [C]feel [G]...And [Am]smile)
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