Seven Nation Army - The White Stripes chords

Key: Em Singer/Band: The White Stripes

I'm gonna [Em]fight 'em off [G] [C] [B]
A seven nation [Em]army couldn't [G]hold me [C]back [B]
They're gonna [Em]rip it off [G] [C] [B]
Taking their [Em]time right [G]behind my [C]back [B]
And I'm [Em]talking to [G]myself at [C]night
Because I [B]can't [Em]forget [G] [C] [B]
[Em]Back and forth [G]through my [C]mind
Behind a [B][Em]cigarette [G] [C] [B]
Am (actually G) B (actually A)
And a message coming from my eyes says leave it alone
[Em] [G] [C] [B] [4x] [Am] [B] [E]
Don't want[Em] to hear about[G] i[C]t [B]
Every single on[Em]e's got a stor[G]y to tel[C]l [B]
Everyone [Em]knows about it [G] [C] [B]
From the Queen [Em]of England to [G]the [C]hounds [B]of Hell
And if I c[Em]atch it coming[G] b[C]ac[B]k my way
I'm gonna [Em]serve it to you [G] [C] [B]
And that [Em]ain't what you [G]wa[C]nt[B] to hear
But that's [Em]what I'll do [G] [C] [B]
Am (actually G) B (actually A)
And a feeling coming from my bones says find a home
I'm going [Em]to Wichita [G] [C] [B]
Far from this [Em]opera, forever [G]more [C] [B]
I'm going [Em]to work the [G]st[C]raw [B]
Make the sweat [Em]drip out of [G]every [C]pore [B]
And I'm bl[Em]eeding and I'm[G] b[C]le[B]eding and I'm bleeding
Right before [Em]the Lord [G] [C] [B]
All the [Em]words are going [G]to[C] b[B]leed from me
And I will [Em]think no more [G] [C] [B]
Am (actually G) B (actually A)
And the stains coming from my blood tell me go back home
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