Shot Down - Khalid chords

Key: F Singer/Band: Khalid

Capo 1 intro [F] [Am] [Gm7] [Bbsus2] [Gm7] [Bbsus2] [Gm7]
Verse 1
[F]You've been here before, [Am]surrounded in the cold
[Gm7]You take me to places I've never [Bbsus2]known [Gm7]
And you push me to places I'll never [Bbsus2]go [Gm7]
[Gm7]I would die for you
[F]Tell me the truth [Am]Am I all that you would need?
[Gm7]If we're keeping it a
hundred, you're all that I need for [Bbsus2]me [Gm7]
From the jump until forever from [Bbsus2]now, I [Gm7]would ride for you
Chorus 1
But you [F]got me shot down [Am]by love
[Gm7]You [Bbsus2]got my [Gm7]heart now
Why [Bbsus2]won't you [Gm7]stop now?
Oh I've be[F]en knocked down[Am] by y[Gm7]ou
You got [Bbsus2]my heart [Gm7]now
Why won't [Bbsus2]you stop [Gm7]now?
Verse 2
I've [F]been through it whole
I've [Am]been through the worst
[Gm7]But I never knew how much
our love could [Bbsus2]hurt [Gm7]
Over my family I put you first [Bbsus2]Riding [Gm7]on
my feelings is the only thing that work
I [F]don't hear from the friends I thought [Am]were mine too
[Gm7]But I hold on to the poems I would write you
Happy [Bbsus2]seventeen, I [Gm7]saw us two and you saw three
I guess our [Bbsus2]lines [Gm7]are structured like a haiku
Chorus 2
You got me [F]shot down [Am]by love
[Gm7]And [Bbsus2]you got my [Gm7]heart now
Why won't [Bbsus2]you stop [Gm7]now?
Oh I've [F]been knocked [Am]down [Gm7]by you
And you got my [Bbsus2]heart [Gm7]now
Why won't you [Bbsus2]stop [Gm7]now?
[F]Knocked down, [Am]knocked down
[Gm7][Bbsus2]Knocked down, [Gm7]knocked down
[Bsus2]Knocked [Gm7]down
[Bbsus2]Knocked [Gm7]down
Chorus 3
I've been [F]shot down [Am]by love
[Gm7]You [Bbsus2]got my [Gm7]heart now
Why won't you [Bbsus2]stop [Gm7]now?
I've [F]been knocked [Am]down [Gm7]by you
And you got my [Bsus2]heart [Gm7]now
Why won't you [Bsus2]stop [Gm7]now?
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