Show yourself - Idina Menzel Evan Rachel Wood chords

Singer/Band: Idina Menzel , Evan Rachel Wood

[Gb]Every inch of me is trembling [Db]
But not from the cold [B]
[Gb]Something is familiar [Db]
Like a dream
I can [B]reach but not quite hold
[Gb]I can sense you there [Db]
Like a friend I've always known [B]
[Gb]I'm arriving [Db]
And it [Ebm]feels like I am home [B]
I have [Db]always been a fortress
Cold [B]secrets deep inside
[A]You have secrets, too
But [D]you don't have to [Db]hide
Show yourself [Ebm] [B]
I'm dying to [Db]meet you
Show yourself [Ebm] [B]
It's your [Db]turn
[Ebm]Are you the [B]one
I've been [Gb]looking for
All [Db]of my life? [Ddim]
Show yourself [Ebm] [B]
I'm ready to learn
[Ebm]Ah-ah, [Ab]ah-ah
[Em]Ah-ah, [A]ah-ah-ah
[G]I've never felt so [D]certain
[G]All my life I've been [C]torn
[G]But I'm here for a [D]reason
Could [G]it be the reason I [C]was born?
I have [D] always been so different
Normal [C]rules did not apply
Is [Bb]this the day?
Are [Bb]you the way
[Eb]I finally find out [D]why?
Show [Em] yourself [C]
I'm no longer trembling [D]
Here [Em] I am [C]
I've come so far [D]
[Em]You are the answer [C]I've waited [G]for
All of my [D] [Ebdim]life
Oh, show [Em] [C]yourself
Let me [A] see who you are
[D]Come to me now
[D/C]Open your door
[Em]Don't make me wait
[C]One moment [G]more
Oh, [D] come to me now
[D/C]Open your door
[Em]Don't make me [A]wait
[C]One moment [G] [B]more
Where the north [Ebm]wind
meets the [Ab]sea (Ah-ah, ah-ah)
There's a river [B](Ah-ah, ah-ah)
Full of memory [Gb](Memory, memory)
Come, my [Abm]darling, homeward [B]bound
I am [B]found
Show [Fm] [Db]yourself
Step into [Eb]the power
Throw [Fm] [Db]yourself
Into [Eb]something new
[Fm]You are the one
you've been [Db]waiting for
[Ab]All of my life [Eb](All of your [Edim]life)
Oh, show [Fm] [Db]yourself
[Bb7]Ah-ah, [Bb]ah-ah
[Db]Ah-ah, ah-ah
[E]Ah-ah, ah-ah
[Ab]Ah-ah, ah-ah
[Ab]Ah-ah, ah-ah
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