Singing In The Rain - Gene Kelly chords

Key: C Singer/Band: Gene Kelly

Capo 5
[C]I'm singin' in the [Am7]rain
[C]Just singin' in the [Am7]rain
[C]What a glorious[Am7] feeling, I'm [Dm]happy again[G7].
[Dm]I'm laughing at [G7]clouds so [Dm]dark up above[G7],
[Dm]The sun's in my [G7]heart and I'm [C]ready for [Am7]love.
[C]Let the stormy clouds [Am7]chase [C]everyone from the [Am7]place
[C]Come on with the rain[Am7], I've a [Dm7]smile on my [G7]face
[Dm]I walk down the [G7]lane with a [Dm]happy refrain[G7]
Just [Dm]singing, [G7]singing in the [C]rain
[C]Dancing in the rain[Am7], I'm [C]happy again[Am7]
[Dm]I'm singin' and [G7]dancing in the rain[C]
[Dm]I'm dancing and [G7]singin' in the rain[C]
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