speechless - dan + shay chords

Singer/Band: dan + shay

[C]You say you'll be down in [Em]5
The smell of your [F]perfume is floating down the stairs
You're [Dm]fixing up your hair like you do
[C]I know that I'll be a [Em]mess
The second that I see [F]you
You won't be surprised
It [Dm]happens every time
It's nothing you
[Am] It's always on a night like [G]tonight
I think that you can read my [F]mind
Cause when you look at me with those [Fm]eyes
I'm [C]speechless
Staring at you, standing there in [Em]that dress
What it's doing to me, ain't a [F]secret
Cause watching you is all that I [Fm]can do
And I'm [C]speechless
You already know that you're my [Em]weakness
After all this time I'm just as [F]nervous
Every time you walk into the [Fm]room
I'm [C] [Bb] [F]speechless
[C] It started when you said hello
[Em] Just did something to me
[F] And I've been in a daze
[Fm] Ever since the day that we meet
[C] You take the breath out of my lungs
I can't even fight it
[Em] And all of the words out
of my mouth without even trying
Oh, you know [C]it, [Bb] [F]baby
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