Spirit Touch Your Church - Kent Henry chords

Key: G Singer/Band: Kent Henry

capo 3
Verse 1
Lord, we [G]need Your [D]grace and [Em]mercy.
We need to [C]pray like n[D]ever [G]before
We need the [Em]power of your [D]Holy [C]Spirit
To [Am]open [A]Heaven's [D]door.
Spirit [C]touch Your [D]church, [Bm]stir the hearts of [Em]men.
[C]Revive us [D]Lord with your [Bm]passion once [Em]again.
I want to [C]care for [D]others
Like [Bm]Jesus cares for [Em]me.
Let your [C]rain [D]fall upon [G]me[D].
Let your [C]rain [D]fall upon [G]me[D].
Verse 2
Lord we [G]humbly [D]come before [Em]You.
We don't [C]deserve of [D]You what we [G]ask
But we [Em]urge to [D]see Your [C]glory.
[Am]Restore [A]this dying [D]land.
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