Stranger - Smokie chords

Key: Em Singer/Band: Smokie

Verse 1:
When the [Em] night has fallen and the moon is high
And you [Am] get that far away look in your eyes
Oh can't you [Em] see you're [Am] acting like a [Em] stranger
When your [Em] loving feelings are so hard to find
And you [Am] can deceive me with your made-up lines
Lord knows you sound just like a [Em] stranger.
So [Am] just in case you've changed your mind
You've got [Em] love if you want it and it can't go wrong
And [Am] just in case you find the time
You've got [Em] love if you need it and it can't go wrong.
But [Am] stranger you're in danger off [Em] losing me
Oh [Am] stranger you're in danger of [Em] losing me
Verse 2:
When the [Em] wind is howling and the rain comes down
And you [Am] lie awake without a sound
[Em] Feel like I'm [Am] living with a [Em] stranger
When I [Em] try to hold you and you turn away
[Am] There seems so little left for me to say
Oh Lord knows you look just like a [Em] stranger
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